Healers Code Live!

Your clients are waiting for you!


Rise into your next level of purpose, power and pleasure with us...

Healers Code Live! San Diego created by Retired Psychotherapist and Energetic Visionary, Keri Nola is an empowering transformational weekend experience intuitively designed for healers who are ready to step into their next level of visibility and finally be seen, heard, and hired.

As a global community of Therapists, Coaches, Light-workers and Healing Entrepreneurs we are being called together to upgrade our energy, confidence, clarity, and inspired strategies to attract soul mate clients and easily welcome abundance so we can serve the planet without sacrificing prosperity or joy!


Dear Healer,

Whether you’re ready to welcome your first 10 clients, your next 10 clients or it’s simply time to create more freedom to enjoy the abundance you have already received, this weekend will meet you right where you are and help you rise into your next level of purpose, power, and pleasure with ease...


Come Play with Us at the Intersection of Soul & Strategy…

Many healers are afraid that we have to abandon our hearts to make money.  What a painful thought! I'm here to let you know that is absolutely false. We don't have to pick between our hearts or abundance. We can have them both and at Healers Code Live! I'll show you how.

The magic of abundance and service happens when we merge our heart and soul's call with effective, aligned strategies. 



Claim Your Confidence

Confidence attracts clients. You cannot fake this frequency, but you can generate the energy required to claim the deepest truth of who you are so you can become a magnet for the clients you are here to serve.


Spark Your Clarity

Clarity is the fastest route to inspired action. This weekend you will enter an inspired frequency and clarify your purpose so you can remember why you're here and fuel your strategy with focused direction.


Align & Activate Your Strategy

Strategy fueled by confidence and clarity is a delicious recipe for empowered creating. This weekend you'll align your energy with your unique heart driven strategy to welcome your most authentic results.


The world is in desperate need of awakened therapists, healers, and lightworkers...


Let's just get right to the heart of the matter...the world is in desperate need of awakened therapists, healers and lightworkers and if you were called here, you are likely one of them…

I know that doing our soul’s work in the world can often feel like a confusing, roller coaster ride. The good news is that with a few simple shifts in your energy, perspective, and inspired actions you can experience the confidence and clarity that will illuminate your path so you can make a living doing the work you love.

I'm not going to pretend that the process is all rainbows and unicorns though. The truth is that it can feel messy, scary, and uncomfortable but also beautiful, profound, and abundant.

Luckily you don't have to do it all by yourself.

At Healers Code Live! you'll be held, supported, and inspired by a team of empowering guides and fellow healers ready to take a stand with and for you.

Humanity needs all hands on deck now more than ever. Let's come together and activate the next inspired action of your purpose! 

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This is for you if…

✓ You are a healer who is tired of trying to fit into the status quo and ready to express yourself more fully in life and work

✓ You are a healer who is aware of a power and wisdom within that you want to remember how to cultivate and share

✓ You are a healer who knows you have outgrown being seduced by “cookie cutter” strategies and “12 step plans” and desire being met, seen, and supported in a way that deeply honors your unique heart, style, and purpose.

✓ You are a healer who feels ready to welcome more abundance in your bank account with ease in exchange for your sacred service.


During the Weekend You'll Discover: 


1/ How To Magnetize Soulmate Clients

The good news is that there is a science to attraction. Come learn it with us so you can become a magnet for the souls you're here to serve.


2/ How To Upgrade Your Abundance Frequency

Identify and transmute money stories that are keeping you from receiving the money, support, and resources you desire.


3/ How To Radiate Your Real Self

Nothing gets you results faster than being who you are. Peel back layers of armor and allow your radiance to shine so your clients can find you.


4/ How To Confidently Sell Your Gifts

Selling doesn't have to be sleezy. It is actually a sacred invitation and this weekend you'll learn how to get your clients to RSVP to your gifts with ease.


5/ How To Free Your Fear Of Being Seen 

Learn how to turn your fear into fuel and allow it to propel you into epic visibility so you can be seen, heard, and hired.


6/ How To Master The New Marketing Mindset

Let's tap into the intelligence of your vision and discover how to share your services and creations in exactly the way your clients need to hear to know you can help them.


Special Guest Activators!


Lauren Peters

Lauren has spent the last ten years exploring the concepts of presence, human potential, and using business as a means to express one's true essence. She holds degrees in business systems design, design thinking and management along with education in healing and the tantric arts. She has worked with leading start-ups and brands collaborating with companies like HP, prAna, Coca Cola, Salvation Army, Mindvalley, and more.


Neil Gordon

Neil helps influencers to get their ideas to stick. It is stickiness, after all, that leads to everything else (getting paid for speaking, booking sales, etc.)

He facilitates these outcomes by helping these influencers to uncover what we can call their "Silver Bullet." He is a former member of the editorial staff of Dutton, a division of Penguin Random House. While there, he worked with numerous New York Times bestselling authors.


Kylie Slavik

Kylie is a globally known digital marketer, specializing in storytelling marketing for coaches and holistic practitioners. Her unique fusion of art, poetry, consciousness and copywriting has generated over $5,000,000 in revenue in the past few years for clients who are using business as a force for good in the world. Her mission is to tip the scales on planet earth by inspiring 380,000,000 people to share their story. Her favorite story to tell is yours! 


Lisa Fraley


Lisa is a Legal Coach®, Attorney, Best-Selling Author and Speaker who has helped hundreds of coaches and entrepreneurs get legally covered. She uniquely aligns legal steps with the chakras because she believes the law protects you practically AND energetically. Lisa “gets” online and holistic entrepreneurs and is the author of the #1 Best Seller Easy Legal Steps… That are Also Good for Your Soul.


Healers Code Live!
Weekend Venue


Courtyard by Marriott San Diego Airport/Liberty Station (less than a mile from San Diego Airport and walking distance to restaurants). *Complimentary airport shuttle upon request with the hotel.


Stay conveniently at the event venue with us! Find the special link in your registration email after ticket purchase because we have a block of rooms reserved for Healers Code Live! participants at a special rate of $139/night. These will fill on a first come first serve basis so we invite you to use the code in your welcome email to book your accommodations ASAP.

* To learn more about Accommodations, Airport Details, Travel & Transportation, see the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page, or receive this information as soon as you get your ticket!


Weekend Schedule

*Subject to Change (attendees stay tuned to email)

Saturday January 11, 2020

830amPST: Doors open for Registration 
930amPST: Morning Session Begins
1pmPST: Break for lunch
2:30pmPST: Afternoon Session Begins
7pmPST: End of Day Ceremony

Sunday January 12, 2020

900amPST: Doors Open
930amPST: Morning Session Begins
1pmPST: Break for Lunch
2:30pmPST: Afternoon Session Begins
6pmPST: End of Event Ceremony


Healers Code Live!

Ticket Options


Meet Your Host!

Meet the Visionary Creator & Host Behind Your Healers Code Live! San Diego Experience…

Welcome! I'm Keri Nola. Among my circle of friends and clients you might hear me referred to as The Goddess of Getting Sh*t Done or the Shadow Mama (I've been known to help people out of the dark a time or two).

My favorite super power is merging the soulful with the strategic and I love meditating just as much I adore checking inspired actions off of my to-do list.

After over a decade of building and maintaining a successful and profitable practice as a Licensed Psychotherapist specializing in a holistic approach to trauma healing, I retired and expanded the expression of my gifts into the realms of Best Selling Author, Podcaster, Creator of the Design Your Ideal Practice eCourse and Founder of the Sacred Soul Circle for Healing Entrepreneurs. Today I have a global practice mentoring 100's of healers through coaching programs, intuitive mentorship, retreats and immersions as they transmute the energies of vulnerability, fear and doubt into fuel that propels their abundant soul missions to life. 

A Closing Note From Keri…

What would happen if you gave yourself permission to fully surrender to success as a healer?

Join us for this sacred experience and let's find out together! Your clients are waiting for you.

If you know that now is the time to be supported and inspired as you rise into your next level of abundance and client attraction,  I would be honored to have your presence with us at Healers Code Live! San Diego so we can create magic and memories together!


Frequently Asked Questions


Who should attend Healers Code Live?

This weekend is for healing entrepreneurs (therapists, coaches, spiritual teachers, transformational leaders, massage therapists, wellness practitioners, doctors, etc) ready for a life altering experience. Healers Code Live! will support, encourage and inspire you to stand in the full expression of your sacred service with freedom and ease while welcoming expansive abundance. You are likely to leave a beautifully upgraded version of yourself prepared to take inspired action on your purpose!

Are ticket refunds available if I can't make it?

No, ticket refunds will not be available. We are playing ALL IN for this special experience and we invite you to do the same. Please be sure you're fully ready to join us before you purchase your ticket/s. Depending on circumstances and timing, ticket transfers may be possible with a minimum of 2 weeks notice and an admin fee of $44. Email us at support@healerscodelive.com with requests.

Can I bring my children?

While we love kiddos, this weekend is for adults only. We invite you to make arrangements for childcare while you are at the event.

What should I bring to the event?

A journal and pen, a curious mind, and an open heart.

Do You Have Airport & Accommodation Details?

San Diego International airport (SAN) .07 miles from Healers Code Live! Venue, Courtyard Marriott.

There is a complimentary airport shuttle upon request at the hotel venue.

Stay conveniently at the event venue with us! Find the special link in your registration email after ticket purchase because we have a block of rooms reserved for Healers Code Live! participants at a special rate of $139/night. These will fill on a first come first serve basis so we invite you to use the code in your welcome email to book your accommodations ASAP.